Filmvisning: Masquerades


BABEL Filmklubb invites you to a screening of Masquerades!

Where: Ullevål Kino, Ragnar Frischs auditorium, John Collets plass

When: Thursday 21. February, 18:00

A refreshing Algerian comedy from 2008!

Mounir Mekbek lives with his family in a small village in the Algerian countryside. Proud and confident he is set on obtaining the respect he believes he deserves from his fellow villagers. Unfortunately his narcoleptic and headstrong sister, Rym, who falls asleep anywhere, is making this difficult. The entire village is convinced she will end up a spinster.

One evening, after a few too many drinks, Mounir announces he has found the perfect suitor for his sister. One thing leads to another and suddenly Rym has become engaged to an imaginary, rich, foreign businessman. The wedding preparations begin, but with no groom in sight! 

The movie is subtitled in English.

Introduction by Cathrine Løchstøer, Senior advisor at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (UD).

As usual there will be homebaked cakes and fresh coffee. It is all for free and open for all!


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